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This site will be about many things including those we have an "actor crush" on. This is when you develop a crush on someone's acting skills, think Philip Seymour Hoffman, Clifton Collins Jr., Rachel McAdams, Viola Davis, and now Kate Winslet.

For Kate, specifically the one in her mid 40s, the one now. She's just gotten more beautiful with every day.

Where have I been? Not until I binged-watched Kate Winslet's interviews on the acting PROCESS, do I realize I want to do this. I want to be an actor. This was before the hype of Mare of Easttown (before the hype). Watching her movies/shows is the best free actor's guide/education EVER. Even just looking at her eyes and how she takes in the persons she's speaking with or the environment she's in. SHOULD note that it was Francis Lee's 2020 film Ammonite and then learning about the why / what / acting process from Kate interviews, that sparked something amazing and unexpected in me.

I am a minority: Female, Asian (Chinese), and LGBTQ+ (more L than anything, but a bit of B). My pronouns are she/her.

Recent quote from Kate from 2022 International Women's Day: "Try not to be hard on yourself if you don't get a role you really wanted, just keep going." She adds, “Don’t scrutinize your appearance, it will only make you self-conscious and becomes a distraction.” The bottom line is to “enjoy it,” Winslet says. “Acting is a joy and a pleasure. Just keep enjoying what it feels like.” SIDE NOTE: Of course it's easy for her to say something like this, as she can have any role she wants now, since Titanic, without auditioning!!!!!!! ;)

I get it: It's one of the hardest jobs to do. Acting isn't about pretending, it's about being real and becoming the character using your own process that works best for you. And it's not glamorous (in most cases). I'm excited and more importantly, I'm scared. And this shows how serious and passionate I am. I'm starting at the very beginning again. I'm female, Asian (Chinese), and LGBTQ+. Yes, I'd rather admit outright because I don't have anything and thus I have nothing to lose. I'd rather not worry about hiding but more importantly, I don't want to do any disservice to the LGBTQ+ community by perpetuating any type of "hidden shame". And for the record, it's very easy for me to play straight, been doing it most of my life. And people who meet me assume I'm married to a man, and have children LOL. I'm also in my 40s, however being Asian (youthful genes) and incredibly childlike in real life (I still attend Spice Girls concerts!), people often assume I'm much younger than I am.

Many years ago, I had an agent. Then I got really into my day job (which I still enjoy). Enriched my life by dancing and performing on stage (mostly dance) for many years, and traveling around the world visiting my friends in different countries. Now I'm back in Calgary Canada (close to Vancouver) with the money and work flexibility to pursue this. Plus my job as a project manager allows me to strategize, communicate, adjust my communication styles to suit the audience, and learn about different persons, personalities, and cultures. Most importantly, my life and my mind is finally in order. I'm also an experienced Toastmaster & public speaker. I love public speaking if the message is positive, educational, or funny.

These are some of the amazing quotes from Kate about acting and being an actor/actress:

It is difficult, it is definitely a hard job to do and you do have to keep working at it, you do have to keep practicing things you have to allow yourself to make mistakes.

 Finally, Kate said: And I believe her (or she's just lying but this shows what a good actress she is ha ha):

You have to keep at it, if it’s the thing you really want to do with your life you just have to keep going and keep yourself busy! Don’t wait for the phone to ring! Fill your life in other areas – the more you enrich your life, the more you will enrich your life as an actor and as a person.

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  • Quote from someone else: “If you want to be a magnificent actor, aim to become a magnificent human being. If you really want to improve and be the best most interesting artist you can be, then be the best most interesting person possible.