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About the Belfast Q&A that Kate did with Kenneth Branagh OMG the f*cking acting tidbits / tips in here areSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes. About listening fully w/o anticipating a reply, viewing many takes as "a chance to do it even better", not being too prepared, etc. Thank you #KennethBranagh #KateWinslet @GoldDerby @BelfastMovie @FocusFeatures 

more about acting and auditioning process:


Why don't I just put every single acting quote ever from her, into one collection

this interview with Kate & Ivana Primorac. The ending, where Kate says Acting is about trying to be as un self-conscious as you can and as real as you can (YES YES YES):


and this entire interview:


Aren’t the concepts of beauty changing, we ask. What was considered beautiful at one point is not all that’s beautiful any more, correct?

Kate Winslet throws her arms up in the air and says, “That’s what I’ve always been saying. Everyone is beautiful: beauty comes from the inside, beauty comes from acceptance of oneself, it comes from acceptance of other people and not judging. I feel so excited that the world is finally, finally realising that beauty isn’t about having perfect skin. Beauty is in others. It’s in the world around us, it’s in acceptance, it’s in peace, it’s in patience, it’s in kindness, it’s in compassion. I feel so happy that the world is finally changing, and it will continue to change, I think.

In response to Jennifer Ettinger saying to me: "I can share you have the biggest heart". I said: "Hey Jennifer. It's interesting that you say this and that it made me cry. I usually don't think that a big heart helps in acting but it does. To be able to empathize (and thus believe) with another person's situation and to care about people in general. Because acting is not about pretending, it's about being real.

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