Season 2 Episode 2 Kate Winslet as Iris Simpkins in The Holiday

Listen to this BEAUTIFUL discussion with @unsinkable in a co-hosted podcast about Kate Winslet in The Holiday from 2006!

Kate uses her real accent in this film (apparently for the first time in her career), but seems to play a real version of herself (down to earth, compassionate, goofy / real sense of humor). Thanks Brenda ( @kleoofdreams on Twitter) for suggesting that this movie allowed "more of Kate's personality to shine through". And yes, does Iris shine! :D

We discuss many elements including:

·         How Kate can showcase wonderful acting without saying a single word (when she explores the L.A. house for the first time).

·         How for a rom-com Kate showcases her acting talent by being very vulnerable and real (including real tears) in several scenes.

·         How this movie and what Iris went through, was similar to experiences that L.A. Beadles went through, and how the line "You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life" spoke so much to L.A. and speaks to me too.

·         Kate's most fricking fricking (yes double) amazing real monolog near the end of the movie, and demonstrates what only truly talented actors / actresses can do.

·         How Kate pulls off a line that could be "CORNY" but Kate turns it into one of the most memorable and powerful lines in the film.

·         We also discuss Internet fodder about "how could someone like Kate Winslet fall for someone like Jack Black", how annoying & uneducated this thought is, and how people should instead focus on the people that are Iris and Miles.

·         At the time this movie was filmed, Kate had not won an Oscar yet, but had been nominated 4 times. The look she gives Arthur's Oscar in this film, tee hee.

·         Finally, how this movie illustrates female self-worth and empowerment.

The Holiday stars Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Jude Law, & Eli Wallach, along with Rufus Sewell and Edward Burns. :) Directed by Nancy Meyers.

Season 2 Episode 1 Kate Winslet as Lee Miller in Lee, directed by Ellen Kuras.

Welcome back, and welcome to Season 2!

Yay! Now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is over, I'm able to talk about LEE, Kate Winslet's film directed by Ellen Kuras, where Kate is real life WWII photojournalist Lee Miller.  NO SPOILERS in this podcast. I'm so lucky to be able to see this film 4 times at TIFF (2 times at the public viewings, and 2 times as press & industry). Should note that a reason I got in as press & industry is because of this acting podcast, ha ha. Extremely happy to have shared this world premiere viewing with my friend Brenda ( @kleoofdreams on Twitter), a fellow Winsletor and admirer of Kate's work.

What did Kate do for LEE? I talk about her preparations, education, and HARD WORK Kate did leading up to portraying Lee, how Kate uses her eyes and breath to let us see the atrocities that Lee sees, how she LISTENS to what is being said to her and the things around her, the physical "risks" that Kate takes, the parallels between the struggles (and eventual overcoming of these challenges) that both Lee Miller and Kate Winslet and its filmmakers endured just by being women, and the non-acting support Kate put into the film including funding Lee and supporting its actors including Andy Samberg. Oh, and forget Evan Peters' drunk acting in Mare of Easttown, let's admire Kate's drunk acting in Lee! ;)

And HELP! This film still needs a U.S. distributor. It definitely deserves one. Especially for this kind of film led by females. It's a worthy film to see: To learn history, its realities, the struggles and achievements of women, and more.

If you want to read my review of LEE, head over to my Twitter  Thanks to Michelle Hughes on Facebook for helping me secure a ticket to the public screening.

 LEE stars Kate Winslet, Alexander Skarsgård, Andrea Riseborough, Marion Cotillard, Josh O'Connor, Andy Samberg & Noémie Merlant. To find out more about Lee Miller, go to the Lee Miller Archives And yep, Brenda & I noticed Joe Anders right away, playing American GI Frank Kleeman.


Episode 7 What would Kate do during an actors strike? :)

I’m ending Season 1 of my acting podcast "What Would Kate Do?" in support of the actors strike, with an explanation of this hiatus. As a working actor, I fully support the SAG-AFTRA strike. Thus, I'm avoiding doing anything that is in violation of the strike rules, b/c I want to join the unions in Canada & the U.S. Swipe to hear a snippet of my podcast, why it’s on hiatus, & some overall delightful acting wisdom learned from Kate.

The strike means that we're not allowed to talk about any possible SAG related work, whether past, present, or future. This also means I'm not allowed to talk about Lee, the upcoming movie about photographer Lee Miller that stars Kate Winslet and is directed by Ellen Kuras. Because it probably has SAG actors in it. I really don't know all the rules, and they are often confusing. Trust me, I'd love to be able to talk about how excited I am about this movie, and talk about it once I get to see it.

As a lover of acting, movies, actors, and actresses, I just want to support these. I talk about how I will be unable to see this movie at TIFF @tiff_net (Toronto International Film Festival). I bought a TIFF membership to access pre-sale tickets, only to have these tickets sell out in 30 seconds. Only those who can donate upwards of thousands of dollars for the highest tier membership / donation levels are guaranteed tickets just to see a movie there. As a working actor, I'm unable to do this, and it is unwise for me to spend this much money just to see a movie. And then those that are greedy and lucky enough to snag tickets, are already posting them at outrageous prices on StubHub. A single Lee ticket (yes just to see 1 movie) is already going for over 700 dollars. This shows why we need to be @sag strong.

Please support me in supporting the SAG AFTRA strike in order to support actors and support those who simply love film, and yes, who may simply love Kate Winslet as an actress. 

The podcast ends with some amazing tidbits of acting lessons that we've learned from Kate over the years. There are some constant consistent learnings that Kate has talked about and demonstrated not just recently, but throughout her career. The wonderful conglomeration of bright sticky notes in her script binder, for example. And the simple beautiful fact that she loves acting and the hard work that goes with it. Thanks Kate.


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Update May 2023: Episodes 4 and 5 are up. Episode 4 is about HBO's The Regime, coming out in 2024, directed by Stephen Frears. The episode focuses on the trailer released.

Episode 5 of "What Would Kate Do", as in what would Kate Winslet do as an actress, is about the 2011 HBO mini-series Mildred Pierce, directed by Todd Haynes. This series is an absolute actors' paradise. Also stars Guy Pearce (Kate's childhood crush!), Evan Rachel Wood (amazing), Brian F. O'Byrne, and Mare Winningham. You're in for a treat!

Note that there are SPOILERS of Mildred Pierce in this podcast. This podcast is not a review, it's a commentary on how Kate uses all the resources available to her, to maximize the truthfulness and honesty in a role.

We review acting related learnings from Kate's masterclass acting work including:

·         How she helps carry this entire mini-series, having to be in every single scene, with the support of her co-stars especially the talented Evan Rachel Wood.

·         How she uses all the faculties available to her, whether in her, on her, or around her, to fully bring in the viewer.

·         How the camera can just focus in on her face and her reactions, and how she can display so much of her character's thoughts and emotions, without her having to say a word.

·         How she uses the dynamics and layers of her character and its relationships, to realize a fully complete version of the character.

·         The many love / sex scenes she gets to do with Guy (or to be more accurate: that Guy gets to do with her), and the assemblage of different emotions that are involved.

·         How Kate manages to make me have so much feelings and empathy for a character I wouldn't normally have such compassionate feelings for.

·         How fear encourages Kate to choose the roles she plays, and how the HORRIFIC realizations about Veda in Part Five fuel her intentions as an actress.

·         How far her American accent has come by this time, since Titanic.

·         A few audio clips from Mildred Pierce that showcase Kate's talents as an actress.

·         Evan Rachel Wood saying afterwards that she would marry Kate Winslet if she could!

·         And so much more!


The reason I'm doing this mini-series now is to time it with the upcoming Todd Haynes celebration / retrospective in Paris, May 10 to May 29, 2023, at The Centre Pompidou. Which also coincides with his movie "May December" premiering at Cannes, starring Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman. You can find out more here:  

Update April 2023: Episode 3 of "What Would Kate Winslet do?" focuses on the 2017 movie "The Mountain Between Us" starring Kate Winslet & Idris Elba, directed by Hany Abu-Assad, and based on the 2010 book by Charles Martin. 

Proud to announce that I have a guest: The "Unsinkable" L.A. Beadles, from the accomplished podcast of the same name. We had great fun & laughs discussing this movie, including:

  • Why we love Kate as an actress.

  • Why L.A. loves this movie, and Angie doesn't ha ha. L.A. loves this movie because it reminds her why she doesn't take s**t from anybody. #GirlPower

  • Why Kate may have done this movie, and how it led to her forever love of Vancouver and Honey's Donuts.

  • How "refreshing" (one of L.A.'s favorite words) this movie is, as it has 2 "older" leading persons playing a romantic couple.

  • Differences between how men and women are viewed on film, and how there is much more needed to progress women on screen.

  • Key scenes in this movie that demonstrate what Kate does to truthfully portray her character, including her breaths / breathing, looks, glances, stares, what's done in silence between 2 characters, how to act with a dog, and more!

  • The acting lessons learned from (yes) the love scene, including the "exploration" moments before the lovemaking. AND Idris Elba and his foot fetish. And L.A.'s  love of sex scenes on film and wanting more of them (wink).

  • Occasional similarities to Mare Sheehan (Mare of Easttown), and how this relates to acting and its challenges. Oh, and a MILF tangent!

  • A tantalizing teaser for an upcoming podcast interview that L.A. has on a not-yet-released documentary about the 1997 movie Titanic, called Ship of Dreams!

You can listen to her Unsinkable podcast here: 


Update March 12, 2023: 2nd episode is up! About 2015's Steve Jobs, and Kate's portrayal of key person / woman Joanna Hoffman.


I have a podcast! “What Would Kate Do? (specifically Kate Winslet, as an actress )”. Focuses on the acting lessons we can learn by just watching Kate do her magic as an actress on film and TV. It’s available on all major podcast directories including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many more. The first episode is about the character of Clementine Kruczynski in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


Real & funny talk about Kate Winslet and how her acting work & related choices promote the hard work of acting, being present as an actor, getting the most out of, and giving the most to, the other actors in the room, female empowerment and characterization, evolution of female strength, and more. Because I love acting and Kate Winslet! She’s the best free actors’ guide ever! This podcast is for fun & education, not for monetary purposes.

Thank you so much @unsinkablepod for being the first podcast that I’ve wanted to listen to all the way through all the episodes, and thank you for your advice, encouragement, and candor.?

Thank you @rumblehouse for the ethereal (word stolen from Unsinkable tee hee) AKA perfect podcast cover art!?

Thanks also to my first listeners @jp_from_nj and @juan.nario for providing me feedback that I’ll use in future episodes. I definitely want to add more energy and even more fun honest passionate unscripted commentary. It’s only going to get better!

It’s my first attempt at any such thing, so ANY FEEDBACK IS WELCOME, including positive and suggestions for improvement. It’s mostly for those who love the art and hard work of acting, & for those who also like Kate as an actress. I already have guests lined up for specific movies when I get to them. If you’re interested in doing an episode with me, let me know (and let me know what movies / TV series you’re interested in analyzing with me).
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