Had the MOST fun on this podcast conversation w/ @secondactactors about acting, why we love it, how to know when you do, 2SLGTBQIA+ & immigrant Chinese Canadian representation, Kate Winslet, Spice Girls, mental health, art creating empathy, what we hate being asked as actors, & more! I came away so inspired by this conversation, & even by myself.❤️

Swipe to see some of the acting truths we share. The last is a heartfelt “final words about acting” video from me.

So much is covered, including:
How life experiences (which also come w/age) and even your “day job” make you a better actor if you know how to let them.
How watching @ammonite_movie then binging Kate Winslet videos about the acting process, led me to discover my passion.
How to re-shape the self tape process to make it the most wonderful joyful experience. It doesn’t have to be dreadful even if it’s guaranteed you’ll be rejected a lot.
How my self tape auditions have led to the most wonderful conversations w/ 2 of my best friends & readers, @lizelya & @nataliesterbenc ❤️Acting is for you if you love the art & process of it, even if you don’t book the role. Acting is not for you if you do it for “fame”, think it’s “a cool thing to do”, etc.
How my passion for the Spice Girls fueled an amazing community of worldwide friends, who helped me love who I am (gay queer female Asian). And the more I love myself, the more I can freely explore any characters I play.?
How art creates empathy. How actors who succeed need to elevate those around them.

Some hilariously funny quotes including:
“I need to represent the queer community better by watching @schittscreek . Thx Janet (a Caucasian woman w/ a husband) for inspiring me to be more inclusive”.?I’ve since finished it & LOVED IT).
“I hate telling people I’m an actor, especially telling other actors, because they like to ask “oh, so what have you done? What you have been in?”?

To listen, go to @secondactactors . Links are also in my bio.
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