God has something better planned?

Said a very good friend to me (amongst many) after she knew I didn't approach my acting idol Kate Winslet after unexpectedly seeing her at a pub/music venue on January 23, 2024. (I will never mention where nor the band's name as it's family related). Anyways, my friend Josh and I went to the gig to enjoy it, which we did, and I didn't expect Kate to be there. Though it was hard, I chose not to approach her out of privacy & respect. I did pray and had friends pray the heck out of this, after it happened, because I had to process having this opportunity to thank someone I look up to so much, but choosing not to.

She is the reason I got back into acting after 2 decades. She's the reason I realized how much I love the art & hard work of acting. She's the reason I'm happy to share that I'm an LGBTQ+ Asian actress. She's the reason I went to TIFF (to see LEE, which I saw 4 times there, and posted a review of it on IMDb to also help it get a broader distributor). She's the reason I started a podcast last year called "What Would Kate Do?" after watching her films on repeat for pure enjoyment but also to learn from her as an actress.

Learned that Kate Winslet is already planning her 50th birthday including acts of kindness & physical feats.

Side note: Even if I never meet Kate or learn from her, she's the reason so many amazing people, friends, & experiences have entered my life in the past 4 years, including my Calgary agent and my Vancouver agent. Just finished filming a short film for the Calgary Underground Film Festival with some awesome people who love filmmaking.